Services We Offer

We have the experience and expertise to provide the excellent service you deserve.


  • Development of an overall plan to minimize federal, state, and local income taxes
  • Planning the proper timing of all tax payments
  • Preparation of federal and all applicable state and local returns
  • Preparation of all federal, state, and local estimated tax payments


  • Full-service bookkeeping and business management services, including bill-pay, cash receipts, payroll, and small business accounting


We have extensive experience preparing income tax returns for professional athletes on the IRS, state, and local levels. Our clientele includes athletes from all areas of the United States, U.S. residents performing overseas, and foreign athletes performing in the U.S, including:

  • Athletes from the "three major" sports: basketball, baseball and football
  • Athletes from other sports such as: professional golf, boxing, Olympic, skating and "extreme" sports
  • Returns for related entities (such as endorsement/"loan out" corporations)
  • Returns for real estate and other ventures and activities, including partnerships, LLCs, S corporations, non-profit organizations, private foundations and gift tax
  • Returns for family members